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Russell Trew Limited is a national specialist roofing and building contractor founded in 1998 as a private limited company. Since then, we have grown in size and reputation. Our head office is in East London and we also have an office in the Midlands.

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Lea Valley Primary School

Lea Valley Primary School
Flat Roofing
Local Authority

The works involved the renewal of roof coverings with a new 25-year guaranteed Bauder Total Roof System across four individual roofs, with part of the contract conducted whilst the School was in use. The works were to be inclusive of the renewal of existing rooflights and the decommission and reinstatement of plant and A/C units located within the works area.

The tender-stage specification for the re-roofing works at Lea Valley Primary School initially called for the strip-up of the existing waterproofing system across each of the indicated roof areas. 
Following additional core samples being taken and a review of the specification prior to the commencement of works, our Contract Management Team identified areas of the roof suitable for an overlay of the existing system. We met with the client and product manufacturer to propose a part-overlay system. Following agreement by the client, Bauder issued the necessary revised documentation/specification, ensuring that the amendments to the works remained compliant with their guarantee criteria.

Areas of possible danger to the general public, such as scaffolding access and the site compound, were safely cordoned off using Heras fencing and appropriate warning notices were displayed. Those who could have been affected by the works were notified in advance (e.g. via post, e-mail or direct contact) wherever possible so that, where necessary, their normal safety arrangements could accommodate additional safety provisions necessary throughout the works. Trespassers’ safety was also considered to ensure that they were protected from danger – for example, pupils could have used areas immediately surrounding the site after hours and could have potentially attempted to gain access. 

Weekly health & safety inspections were also conducted by our external Health & Safety consultants throughout the delivery of the project, who were available to attend site during working hours to provide ad-hoc advice on safety issues to our site management teams.


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