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Russell Trew Limited is a national specialist roofing and building contractor founded in 1998 as a private limited company. Since then, we have grown in size and reputation. Our head office is in East London and we also have an office in the Midlands.

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Watford Police Station

Watford Police Station
Flat Roofing
MOD & Security Services

The site of Watford’s new police station, the George Street Station had been undergoing a major refurbishment since planning was granted to Hertfordshire Constabulary in 2021. Assigned to the works in May 2023, Russell Trew Limited were appointed to undertake the renewal of the buildings existing roof areas (totalling 390m²). The roofing works involved the overlay installation of a new IKO* Ultra PrevENt System across 3no. individual roof areas. The works were inclusive also of the installation of a new folding handrail system, which was undertaken by our approved sub-contractors (SAS Fall Protection).

The works were also inclusive of the installation of a new 15Kw PV System, ultimately comprising 37no. Panels across 2no. ‘Strings’ (cable run). Our nominated panel manufacturer, Jinko Solar, offers PV modules in various sizes and models, with prices varying depending on the module size, efficiency, technology, and other features. They also boast a long lifespan (25years or more), and the solar panels themselves are designed to be self-cleaning


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