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Russell Trew Limited is a national specialist roofing and building contractor founded in 1998 as a private limited company. Since then, we have grown in size and reputation. Our head office is in East London and we also have an office in the Midlands.

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Roof Surveys


Roof Surveys

Conducting surveys is a critical aspect of maintaining and preserving the waterproofing integrity and longevity of any roof structure. A well-documented roof- assessment report is also essential for the peace of mind of building owners, facility managers, and maintenance teams.

Through direct consultation with stakeholders we are able to tailor recommendations to a project's unique needs. We are also able to draw upon our years of expertise within the industry to recommend the most apropriate manufacturers.

Our skilled surveyors are able to conduct thorough roof surveys, providing reports with findings and remedial suggestions. We are also able to offer electronic leak detection (ELD), thermographic scans, and core samples, aiming for more environmentally conscious, 'greener', solutions. Our reports feature a tailored action plan, photographic evidence, and a budget estimate, including scaffolding and site setup if necessary.